Zanotta Design lab

design report – Sixty years ago, Zanotta burst into the international scene with an unlimited view of design thanks to the exact amount of creativity and industrial capacity.

in this journey, the company has been able to optimise these values and keep leading all lists. If one mentally makes up a perfect home, one has to begin with a zannota sofa, since there is nothing closer to touching perfection and despite the winds of change into new fetish spaces, the sofa is still “the place”. Linked to customised and informal aesthetics, lines as “undercover”, of anna von schewen, and “scott”, of ludovida and roberto palomba, suggest a contemplative way of life just by looking at them.

In addition to these totems of resting, the italian brand is launching pieces of furniture that complete the perfect home-loving dream: it would not be the same without a “nuno” leather bench, of kensaku oshiro, a pair of arom armchairs or an “emil” geometric table of frank rettembacher. The new must- have.


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