Zaha Hadid in memoriam

Zaha Hadid in memoriam. Existence flows like liquid; it’s mutable and unpredictable despite of all structures.

In this sort of universe nothing is permanent, not even light. A lot of universal principles were mild on Zaha Hadid; because of this, against every law, her essence persists.

A large part of nature’s matter, also our own, presents itself in a liquid state. The fascination of capturing the permanent alternation of certain elements drives hadid (accompanied by patrick schumacher) to experiment with acrylic material for some time with the purpose of recreating the mechanics of water waves, of freezing the movement of design objects without sacrificing functionality or ergonomics.

The experiment includes the complicity of david gill, the gallery owner of spanish origin, repeating landscape design experience of a natural inspiration.
Liquid glacial collection encompasses tables, stools and chairs according to this frozen energy principle, solid bodies with a liquid appearance, dynamic phenomena that are captured forever as objects, a guaranty of immortality.

In memoriam.

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