Layers: Spring Summer 2020 TATRAS collection

CREATION is always very personal and authentic to Mr. Sakao, TATRAS founder and creative director. To him, the trinity of science, creation and nature add up to create ART.

This creative collection explores the concepts of pleats and layers, questions the relationship between accumulation and rigor and is ultimately a lesson of softness and lightness.

SCIENCE challenges the eye through a neon color chart, bright, intense and contrasted effects. Layers swing on animal prints and colored flashes.

For this show, the creative manifesto of hair adorned with bright flowers and the tie and dye using natural fibers, celebrate NATURE and life.

Flowers and foliage, zebra and leopard prints, waves and winds make one and intertwine throughout the 27 looks of the collection.

“Science” x “Creation” x “Nature” = “Art”
The trinity of fashion that TATRAS expresses through this new collection.

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