Editorial #35

Summer means heat and this Neomania brings you an explosion of art creators. Watching artists like Lichtenstein and Keith Haring opens a debate: Where lies the thin line between Art and Graphic Design?
Andrew Gn

Andrew Gn – Royal elegance

Andrew Gn will propose to women that they dress with a brightness that seems closer to summer than to the autumn that already looms on the horizon.
De Beers

De Beers – Serene beauty

Symbolising the triumph of perseverance in adverse conditions, the lotus flower becomes an exceptional protagonist in the new Lotus collection of the iconic jewellery firm De Beers.

Brassai – The eye of desire

Gyula-Halász, Brassai, was born in Brasov, Hungary in 1899. His father was literature professor at Sorbonne in Paris. Brassai studied painting and sculpture at the Fine Arts Academy in Budapest before joining the Austro-Hungarian army cavalry.
Barbara Bui

Barbara Bui – Black & white

Barbara Bui Black & white For the next autumn-winter, Barbara Bui proposes a perfect reinterpretation of the classic tuxedo wrapped in the most exquisite and attractive femininity, resulting in a…

Shiatzy Chen – Chameleonlike woman

Shiatzy Chen Chameleonlike woman Chameleonlike. If we could define the collection with which Shiatzy Chen aims to fill our wardrobes, this would be the best word to do it. For…

Nobu Marbella

Nobu Nobuyuki Matsuhisa known to the world simply as “Nobu” – is the acclaimed and highly influential chef proprietor of Nobu and Matsuhisa restaurants located across five contents. Nobu opened…
Costa Rica

Costa Rica – Eden at its most pure

Costa Rica Eden at its most pure Costa Rica’s territory is so tiny that, even though it comprises just 0.03 % of Earth’s surface, it’s amongst the twenty most biodiverse…

Maison Margiela – Retrospective

Maison Margiela Margiela Retrospective If there is an exhibition in the world you cannot miss this 2018, it’s the one featuring Maison Margiela in Paris. A complete retrospective that focuses…

Guy Laroche – Minimalist eclecticism

Guy Laroche Minimalist eclecticism If there is anyone who knows how to achieve a masterful eclecticism, it’s Guy Laroche. For Richard René, Creative Director of the firm, the women of…