Serkan Cura fashion lab

Serkan Cura belongs to that group of designers who seep through couture thanks to the pure filter of fascination. His wings transformed the most beautiful women in birds of paradise in such a manner that his art could not be understood without that transmuting element.

So it doesn’t matter if we challenged the climatic laws welcoming the summer with crop top and furry edge trousers, or maybe with a dress and equally thick boots: the design of this genius from the antwerp school does not seem be affected by ordinary issues. On the contrary, the collection becomes a range of suggestions under various search engines, sometimes radically different, but with a common thread running through all of them, consisting in following a strict constructive, sculptural, plastic control which only transcends when it has reached a certain level of glory.

The rigid geometry of a mini dress and the impressive modelling of a feather jumpsuit occur in serkan cura as images of an anthology of wits, where there is much more related to desire, game or physics than to fashion from a conventional point of view.

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