San Sebastian – Donostia

San Sebastian is a city with many soundtracks, those that stay in your memory and you start to hum day after day.

Metrics it is what its splendid nature has, Music Beat in its waves breaking in Chillida’s Comb of the Wind, Pulse in the musical hullabaloo of its spoons in the numerous Michelin star restaurants that the city has or with that onomatopoeic sigh when eating a pintxo, as well as the Rhythm of its strong and kind people.

Furthermore, San Sebastian has an aristocratic architectural legacy with a delicate French style, that coexists with strong contemporary rationalism styles, linked by splendid bridges that serve to create a perfect fusion between past, present and future.


There is no evidence of what Queen Cristina wore on the beach in 1893, but the very fact that she decided to spend the summertime in the wonderful San Sebastian marked a turning point in the history of the city, because a good part of the European aristocracy followed in the footsteps of the first recognised influencer.


The City Hall, Victoria Eugenia Theatre, Maria Cristina Hotel, Delegation Palace, Koldo Mitxelena Cultural Centre, La Perla Spa and the Funicular station.


San Sebastian has excellent expressions of contemporary architecture. Like the two “stranded rocks” of Rafael Moneo’s Kursaal, distinguished with the Mies Van der Rohe award for Architecture, also the author of the Iesu Church. Or the organic building of the Basque Culinary Center, where the higher education in Gastronomy and Culinary Arts is based and that simulates piled-up dishes. And the Higher School of Music, Musikene, inaugurated in 2016 and inspired by a grand piano.


La Concha beach, the old town, Chillida’s Comb of the Wind, the Monte Igueldo viewpoint, the Cathedral of the Good Shepherd, paths of Monte Urgull, Plaza de la Constitución, Ondarreta beach, the Port, Miramar Palace, Maria Cristina bridge, Monte Ulía, Paseo Nuevo promenade.

San Sebastian is cinema, it’s architecture, it’s design, it’s fashion, it’s romantic, it’s history, it’s gastronomy, it’s tapas, it’s nature, it’s sea, it’s music, it’s district, it’s “the old thing” … it’s “a whole” to enjoy non-stop one of the most visited and enjoyed cities, recognised in 2017 as the best gastronomy city in the world.

Ongi etorri! 

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