Rahul Mishra 

In an attempt to explore the possibilities of the 3D in the clothing, Rahul Mishra enters a fourth dimension by creating the most diverse universes through the designs with which he dreams to dress women for the next season.

A totally innovative result that is shown to the world through miniskirts in shreds —as if they had been wildly torn—, spectacular shoulder pads that resemble plants, dragon scales, bubbles or roses that emanate from garments and provide a feeling of harmony.

A complex work of art entirely made by hand in a chromatic range which includes the traditional black, not to mention the striking tones such as turquoise and yellow. Incredible combinations in which short jackets and crops are mixed with the elegance of high-waisted pants, tight at the waist but wide along the leg. Next to them, mini dresses or skirt and jacket outfits, in which shapes and materials are mixed in such an exquisite manner that they make us forget that is a single garment.

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