Palmer Harding

As it happens with other great talents, Levi Palmer and Mathew Harding are from the Central Saint Martins class. Known in the hotbed of the british design as “the shirt boys”, they display at the London Fashion Week a new menu of ideas born from this male basic.

At some recent point, fashion gave kick off to asymmetries, an increasing trend that, in the case of Palmer// harding, is part of the deconstructive game and the twist to concepts and substantial garments, the path undertaken in their formative years. In this experimental and perfectionist line the Winter RTW 2016-17 is proposed, introducing a classic touch in the tonalities that soften cuts and unpredictable unions and giving priority to bodies, sleeves and necklines that mainly extend as skirts and dresses. This link between innovation, elegance and reflection is a sample of the code in force in london, the heart of the international talent and creativity where fashion is not just something to admire but also to communicate, in other words, quelque chose de quoi parler.


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