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Neomania  is the essence itself that determines the uniqueness of art, architecture, design, technology, fashion, travel and lifestyle.

A concept developed with the necessary links that the human being has to understand life and enjoy it, all of them connected with the idea that the preconceived is a mistake that paralyses development and strips us of the deep identity of our imagination.


A different point of view on the common matters.

Visual poetry.

Touching images, tempting objects. Needless to say.


Essential news to stay up to date with everything: design, technology, architecture, competitions, books, exhibitions, trends.


The creators and the most interesting creatures of design, art and architecture concentrated in a column.

One to one.

The most outstanding designers of the planet in first person.

Exclusive interviews with the stars of the design: the Campana brothers, Karim Rashid, Piero Lissoni, Carlo Colombo, Ronan & Ewan Bouroullec and Marcel Wanders, Jean Marie Massaud, Nendo, among others, have talked with us.


An atelier to remember or discover the most emblematic figures of modern and contemporary art. Painting, sculpture, installation and performance.


A global journey through the highlight of contemporary architecture, from contract to domestic space.

Dazzling projects signed by the great architects of the hour, beautifully photographed.


The most innovative projects of design and architecture, from the creators’ hand.


The history and future of the world’s leading design firms.


From the inside to the outside.

Escape and deliberation about the world around us.


A original look at the trends and creators.

The taste.

Delicious ideas to savor with eyes wide open.

Living with travel.

Travelling provides us with that delicate feeling of living something new, even if we know it and treated it as an everyday thing, or as a friend. Whenever we go back to a place, it will be new to us.


neomania reader profile

Reader profile.

Readers with liberal professions and leadership positions.
Professionals: designers, architects, interior designers, creative…
Purchasing power: medium-high and high
Cultural level: high

General public: 69 %
Professionals: 31 %
Women: 52 %
Men: 48 %

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Print run: 25 000 copies
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Cover paper: Coated glossy paper triple-sided 300 g.
Process: Lamination, matt and spot UV varnish
Interior paper: Coated glossy paper triple-sided 150 g.

Printed advertising rates.

Page: 2 340 EUR
Double-page: 4 290 EUR
Back cover: 6 050 EUR
Interior of covers: 5 470 EUR
Flaps: 3 510 EUR
First odd page: 3 125 EUR

Digital edition.

Periodicity: Quarterly
Print run: Unlimited printings

Digital advertising rates.

Page: 390 EUR
Double-page: 690 EUR


Annual contract: 10%


Right page: 10 %
Pages to the contents: 15 %
Inserts: please ask for prices
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Online advertising rates.

728 x 90 px banner: 450 EUR per quarter.
250 x 250 px banner: 150 EUR per quarter.



Closure dates.

March: 15/02
June: 15/05
September: 15/08
December: 15/11


Advertising orders will always have the status of firm and irrevocable.
No cancellations will be accepted after the closure date.
VAT will be charged to the advertiser.
Neomania reserves the right of admission of advertising.


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