Thanks to the fluid designs, an innate tendency to exoticism and the diversity and importance of the prints, Leonard reminds us that winter is not eternal, nor the same everywhere.

prints are a core value for the firm created in 1958, the period in which this type of aesthetic becomes a distinguishing mark for many women. This way of releasing references in fashion and filling it with oneiric nuances is maintained with discipline in the rtw parade, a triumphant walk of silks and transparencies that simultaneously fall and evaporate, the same balance of the alternation between cashmere inspired and indian flowers prints with sober and perfect night blue. The idea of sensuality transmitted by the firm goes beyond the literalness of the body: there is beauty in the detachment of skirts and blouses, also in the almost epidermal adaptation of the long dresses, but most of all, there is beauty in the promise of transiting, in colour experience in other lands.


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