Julien Fournié – Redifined simplicity

With clear reminiscences of the ancestral and immemorial goth times, Julien Fournié gives shape to a season in which simple patterns become the unquestionable protagonists of relaxed evenings and black and nude alternate and leave a little room for metalised tones im moss green, silver and gold, which give that sophisticated touch, able to return fire to the most purist lovers of fashion.

The French designer conceives a collection crawling with squared and closed necklines, combined with long and midi dresses elaborated from chiffon layers and satin fabrics that embrace the shapes of a woman who decorates her daily life with floral appliques, plumeti, embroidery and adornments full of volume that, along with the superpositions, transparencies and corsetry appliques, turn the winter dark into a real delight for the senses.

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