Jean Paul Gaultier fashion lab

A unique, entertaining and symbolic farewell. The latest jean paul gaultier’s pret-a-porter collection marks the end ofanerain which fashion involved risk, opportunities and a stronghold of freedom. Just before the control of empires.

therefore, the s/s 2015 collection could not be less eclectic and daring; with a lot to remember, it was “a clear back to the 90s”, in addition to a handful of new contributions. Twenty years later, it is considered a cult age, as much as bandanas printed cashmere, radical asymmetries, and the key points of madonna’s blonde ambition tour. But of cult is made this gaultier finishing touch, icon by icon, as expected.

Mexican wrestler’s masks, in their numerous combinations, captured most of the attention, and rossy de palma made a cameo. Because, if there is something to highlight of this announced end, it is the affinity between muses, colleagues and friends of the enfant grown, the character adored.


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