Guo Pei – The Hollywood party

What better outcome than what is obtained from the combination of haute couture and the most exclusive jewellery? Certainly, a really amazing show.

And that is precisely what Guo Pei has achieved thanks when opting for a collection full of volumes, classic silhouettes, pronounced necklines and metallic colours, worthy of the very Hollywood divas.

For the next season, the Chinese designer wants the streets to become the most authentic recreations of an Golden era in which jewel dresses, created side by side with Chopard, will become the spotlight.

Creations born to pay tribute to the golden age of haute couture through classic lines and delicate fabrics that extol the beauty of the feminine silhouette.

Embroidery, pearls and artisanal skill give shape to delicate ornaments weaving rhythmic designs, with a lively female charm.

Details of metallic texture and iridescent colours enrich a collection full of complex constructions and overlays, that allow dreams to fly and speak to the heart.

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