Glas Italia Design lab

Design lab – When everything seems to be invented, the italian design comes and surprises you with something radically new. From a scientific perspective, milan is the right hemisphere of the international fashion industry (well, and the left one too)..

Glas Italia is a company based in macherio, a small town in the province of monza and brianza, near milan, specialised in the production of furniture in glass. Until recently, glass as unique raw material was a futuristic extravaganza of the japanese designer shiro kuramata, who launched the glass chair in 1976. Around that idea, glas italia has consolidated a fascinating world of mirror-objects, translucent and semi- translucent elements that automatically blend in the surroundings and take away fragility and coldness of a material intended otherwise to be used as decoration or structural support. The list of creatives include Kuramata himself, Patricia Urquiola, Maestro Mendini, Tokujin Toshioka and Piero Lissoni. A simple glance at the catalog of shelves, tables, chairs, armchairs, etc. Arouses a feeling of poetic immateriality.

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