Frank Sorbier – cabaret

As if it was the backstage of a cabaret show, Frank Sorbier imagines the next season filled with colours and fun in its purest state.

In the mind of the French designer, a woman with certain taste for provocation that opts for designs where volumes and the superposition of fabrics rule the performance.

Art in motion characterised by a mixed colour palette that is combined with black, as master of ceremonies, dotted with multicoloured details that recreate the rainbow itself.

Unique pieces in organza, silk, velvet, guipure and tulle wrap mermaid silhouettes turned into real, rediscovered treasures, for which the icy winter temperatures seem not to exist.

And at the epicentre of all this show, girls that emulate adulthood through melted shades and colourful graffiti showing that not only is brilliance not limited by seasons, but neither by age.

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