Editorial #37

Editorial Neomania #37

Neomania: harmony versus chaos.

Strange times for ending a year and starting fresh.

Paris seems like a city preparing war, UK bleeding from Brexit complications, Catalonia is drifting away from Spain, immigrants drowning in the Mediterranean in search of better lives, Middle Eastern countries keep vomiting escaping multitudes into a tired and exhausted Europe, a human mega parade is walking to USA from all Southamerican countries, Putin fights with iron hands in iron gloves, Trump decided to fire his entire staff (basically, those who don’t agree with him) like a bull in a glass museum… and the earth keeps spinning…

Amongst this present chaos, it’s quite a weird feeling to keep trying to show you the beauties of life. But the deep truth is that good and evil run together as day and night coexist in the same sky.

We insist in ignoring the trash and instead continue bringing you the flowers of Art, Architecture, Design and Fashion because in the middle of the worst scenario… it’s always possible to turn our eyes into the light.

Like the light in the paintings of artists such as Dali, Miro and Tamara de Lempicka.

Like the daring minds of Japanese architect Tadao Ando, the tasty cuisine of chef Quique Dacosta, the blue submarine imagination of underwater hotels or the greenest Irish landscapes, scenery of Game of Thrones.

Hopefully, instead of sinking into hell on earth, this NEOMANIA issue will elevate our spirits to heavenly beauty and harmony.

Or at least, it will make our moods smile.

Hoping that you will enjoy the heavens of creation in earth, we wish you a very optimistic and harmonious start for the New Year.

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