Dior Time

For Christian Dior, as would be expected, the passage of time is also covered with touches of haute couture, what is widely illustrated with his watch collection: the D of Dior. Watches inspired by the visionary ideas of the maison creator and that stand as technically perfect and unquestionably beautiful.

Watches during the day and jewellery in the darkness of the night; every single one of the pieces that make up the collection are true works of art carried out in strict manufacturing process, a symbol of the creative audacity of the house that finds, in its colors and the richness of its materials, the keys of the most genuine and elegant femininity.

Unique creations for all those women who know better that anyone how to play with colours, handle styles, have fun with diameters and adapt their outfit to every occasion. An ode to the most exquisite and inspiring sensuality.

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