Imperial promenades Chaumet

Chaumet – Imperial Promenades

For this spring-summer, Chaumet does not disappoint and provides the most sophisticated and elegant women with two exclusive collections that soon will turn into objects of desire for the most glamorous tastes.

The first collection, designed under the name of Josefina, was created to satisfy the most refined and demanding tastes with indescribable pieces in which white and red intermingle with brilliants in exceptional tiaras, bracelets and rings. White and pink gold, diamonds and blue and “padparadscha” sapphires (in shades of orange and pink) evoke the luxurious salons where the Imperial Court celebrated its opulent parties.

The second collection designed by Chaumet is inspired by the most extraordinary Russia of the tsars. Brooches, rings and earrings reproduce the “kokoshnik” shape, the traditional Russian feminine headdress, giving that distinguished touch so characteristic of the woman envisioned by Chaumet.

Warm pieces that aspire to awake the most intimate and personal emotions, not only of those who wear them, but also of those who observe with rapt attention the frozen brilliance emanating from their brightness and seeking the most absolute modernity without forgetting the history that took place in the far-off Russian steppes.

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