With colour as a banner. That is how Karl Lagerfeld (Chanel) presents a woman who is getting mentally prepared to enjoy every single moment of the next summer season. And so the designer envisions a woman that, straight out of the very Niagara Falls, finds in the vitality and the effervescence of water the main inspiration to fill her wardrobe.

A wardrobe that is filled with a casual look where the combination of blue skies and the greenish waters result in from top to the bottom chromatic patterns that pervade the pieces of clothing with the freshness and energy of youth.

Short skirts, some occasional stylish trousers, bare bellies and up to the thigh shorts very characteristic of summer holidays, where there is also room for beachy looks that are dyed with fresh marine tones.

Regarding tissues, this time  has opted for aquatic fabrics with shimmering effects in nylon that is sublimated through pearls and their iridescent shine.

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