Blooming Ashes + Yiqing Yin

Yiqing Yin’s blooming ashes is a conscious conflict between body and fabric, a new example of the balance between sculptural art and couture.
Archeological beauty flourishes with the pertinent knots and plaits in the style of the mediterranean goddesses, and, as true carved shapes, they apparently mock stitches and unions.

The designer intersperses the limits of the fabric with the limits of the figure in the combination of draping with weft of threads and strings, laser cuts in a new soft and tight leather until reaching the highest level of complexity and surprise with a dress elaborated by means of a lattice of gray-toned leathers. The prominence is shared by greys and blacks with warm tones like wine and the range of earthly colors, always sensual and feminine, a prelude to the summer period. Through blooming ashes, Yin makes a rightful allusion to an historical figure, germaine krebs, a way to vindicate the great sculptor of fashion and a common creative perspective.

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