Azzedine Alaia – a second skin

If there was anyone who loved the real women’s bodies, it was Azzedine Alaia. The Tunisian designer knew like no one else how to show through his creations every single secret hidden in the curves and crevices of the female body.

Alaïa was a real maestro of a pair of scissors who knew how to make experimenting with new materials the basis for his work. Known as the “King of Cling”, the creator sought to emphasise the femininity that resides in every waist, every pair of hips, every thigh; he chiselled pieces that acted as an authentic second skin.

The feminine voluptuousness and exuberance under the umbrella of a stretch silhouette that he drew in the eighties and perpetuated throughout his career gave rise to some of his most iconic creations. Sensuality takes its purest form to envelop the real 21st century woman.

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